Strengthening Foundations with Reinforcing Steel & Mesh


Construction relies heavily on the quality of its foundation and framework for the durability and safety of any structure.

These fundamental elements carry the weight of the building and distribute it to the ground. A well-built foundation and framework are crucial to withstand external forces and maintain the structural integrity of the building. Therefore, it is essential to construct these elements according to appropriate standards and codes to avoid safety risks, damage, and costly repairs.

Baldwins Metal Land offers an extensive range of high-quality reinforcing and mesh products tailored to meet the diverse requirements of modern construction, ensuring that every project stands on a solid foundation.

Reinforcing High Tensile (HT) Steel

Reinforcing High Tensile (HT) steel, also known as steel rebar, is renowned for its strength and resilience. This specialised steel is integral in reinforcing concrete, enabling structures to withstand the pressures and forces exerted over time.


HT Steel rebar caters to more demanding construction needs, including commercial buildings, bridges, and industrial platforms. The varying thicknesses allow for customisation based on structural load requirements, ensuring maximum strength and longevity.


Our HT steel products vary in thickness, width, length, and mass per kg/m, offering options such as:

  • 4.0mm thickness, 200mm x 200mm spacing.
  • 3.55mm thickness, 100mm x 100mm spacing.
  • Thicknesses range from 5.6mm to 12.0mm, with 200mm x 200mm spacing.

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Reinforcing Mesh

Reinforcing mesh plays a pivotal role in modern construction, enhancing the tensile strength of concrete structures and minimising the risk of cracks.


Reinforcing mesh is available in sheets and rolls and is essential for concrete reinforcement. It significantly enhances the structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure and is tailored for heavy-duty applications, including high-load-bearing structures, highway and airport pavements, and reinforced concrete slabs requiring exceptional strength and durability. The thicker gauges ensure that your projects can withstand the most demanding conditions, from high traffic loads to environmental stressors.


Our reinforcing mesh is available in different dimensions and grades and is suitable for applications ranging from concrete slab reinforcement to retaining walls.

  • It is offered in 6000mm x 2400mm sheets or 60m x 2400mm rolls, with various mass per kg/m options.
  • Specific Mesh Grades: The range includes thicknesses from 7.1mm to 12.0mm, all with 200mm x 200mm spacing.

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Did You Know?

When ordering your reinforcing mesh, referring to it as “Ref” and its sizing is widely accepted.

For example: Ref 100 Mesh refers to a welded mesh screen of a specific size used for filtering particles or particles of a certain size range. A 100 mesh screen has 100 openings per inch, allowing particles smaller than the mesh size to pass through while retaining particles larger than the mesh size.

Steel and Wire Mesh

  • Reinforced wire mesh is a type of steel mesh used in engineering construction. It is typically composed of long or coiled steel bars and is used for pouring concrete structural frames.
  • Steel wire mesh is a factory product used for various purposes, such as filtering, enclosure, and transmission.

Steel wire mesh is manufactured by weaving fine wire warp to achieve a uniform mesh size. It can be created from either round steel, screw steel, or welded material. Steel wire mesh is commonly used in plastered concrete walls to prevent cracking and delamination that could expose the underlying bricks.

Benefits of Using High-Quality Reinforcing & Mesh Products

Investing in high-quality reinforcing and mesh products brings numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced Safety: Superior reinforcement materials increase a structure’s ability to withstand natural disasters, heavy loads, and daily wear and tear, ensuring the safety of its occupants.
  • Durability: High-tensile steel and reinforcing mesh significantly prolong the lifespan of constructions, resisting corrosion and environmental damage.
  • Cost-Efficiency: While the initial investment might be higher, the long-term savings in maintenance, repairs, and potential reconstruction are substantial.

Partner with Us for Unmatched Steel Solutions

Baldwins Metal Land is not just a supplier; we are your partner. Our expertise and commitment to quality back our extensive range of reinforcing steel and mesh products.

Baldwins Metal Land is your go-to source for construction solutions that marry strength with integrity. Let’s build a legacy of excellence, one project at a time.

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