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Reliable hardware is crucial in high-quality construction and industrial applications. From ensuring structural integrity to facilitating efficient operations, the right hardware can make a HUGE difference.

Baldwins Metal Land is proud to offer a diverse range of steel-related hardware to complement your projects. Additionally, we have a range of value-added services you are able to choose from that can help kickstart your steel-related project.

Steel Related Hardware

At Baldwins Metal Land, we offer a wide array of steel-related hardware options designed to cater to various construction and industrial needs. Our products are sourced from ISO 9001 accredited suppliers, ensuring their quality and reliability.


Our selection of paints is formulated to protect steel surfaces from corrosion and wear, extending the life and maintaining the appearance of your structures and equipment.


We offer durable and secure locks suitable for both residential and industrial applications, ensuring the safety and security of your premises.

Roller Wheels

Our high-quality roller wheels are designed for smooth and efficient movement in various industrial settings, from assembly lines to material handling applications.

Cutting & Grinding Discs

We provide cutting and grinding discs for precision, making them ideal for various metalworking tasks. These discs are known for their long lifespan, even under consistent, heavy use.

Welding Machines

Our welding machines include options for both novice and experienced welders, offering reliability and advanced features to meet diverse welding needs.

Welding Rods and Wire

We supply welding rods and wire for strong and durable welds suitable for various metals and applications. Our welding rods are tested for quality and performance, providing excellent results every time.

Welding Accessories

From protective gear to welding clamps, our welding accessories help with the safety and efficiency of your welding projects.

Value-Added Services

In addition to our extensive hardware offerings, Baldwins Metal Land provides a range of value-added services, such as:

  • Cut-to-Size: precise measurement cutting to project requirements.
  • Slitting: materials are cut to exact widths, ideal for various industrial applications.
  • Guillotining: with our guillotining services, you can get clean and precise cuts for your metal sheets.
  • Flame Cutting: flame-cutting services are ideal for thick steel plates.
  • Laser Cutting: advanced laser cutting services offer high precision for intricate designs and complex shapes.

Hardware Applications In Steel Projects

Our diverse range of hardware elements and steel types can be used in various projects to achieve structural success.

Here are some examples of how our hardware can be used with different types of steel products:

Structural Steel Sections

  • Flat Bars are essential when bracing and frame construction. Paints can protect against corrosion, and welding rods are essential for joining.
  • Angles are ideal for reinforcing structures and frameworks, with cutting and grinding discs used for shaping and fitting.
  • Channels are used for building frames and supports, where roller wheels facilitate material handling.
  • Columns and Beams are critical for load-bearing structures, with welding machines and accessories ensuring secure joins.
  • Round and square bars are used to manufacture shafts, supports, and braces. Welding rods and machines create strong joints.

Sheet and Plates

  • Plates are used for structural and architectural applications. Paints and locks enhance durability and security.
  • Hot—and Cold-Rolled Sheets are used in automotive and construction applications. Cutting and grinding discs shape the sheets to specifications.
  • Galvanised Sheets are ideal for outdoor structures due to corrosion resistance, with welding accessories ensuring robust assembly.
  • Checker Plates are mainly used for non-slip surfaces in industrial flooring, with cutting services for custom sizes.


  • Round Tubing is used in frameworks and piping. Roller wheels assist in handling, and welding machines ensure secure joins.
  • Square and Rectangular Tubing is seen in the construction of frames and supports. Cut-to-size services provide custom dimensions.

Roofing Products (Galvanised; Chromadek)

  • IBR and Corrugated Sheets: Used in roofing for industrial and residential buildings. Paints protect against weather.
  • Wide Span: Ideal for large roof areas. 

Expanded Metals, Grating & Walkway Mesh

  • Used for walkways, platforms, and protective barriers. Cutting and welding accessories help in installation and fitting.

Reinforcing & Mesh Products

  • Essential for concrete reinforcement. Welding rods and accessories are crucial for securing the mesh.

Lipped Channel

  • Used in lightweight steel framing and roof trusses. Paints and welding machines ensure durability and secure joins.

Partner with Us for Your Steel Hardware Needs

At Baldwins Metal Land, we are committed to delivering more than just materials.

We aim to provide solutions that improve the efficiency, safety, and durability of your projects. Our wide range of steel-related hardware and value-added services ensures that you have all the necessary resources to succeed in your construction and industrial projects.

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