Exploring Expanded Metals and Walkway Mesh at Baldwins Metal Land


As a premier steel and metal merchant in South Africa, Baldwins Metal Land stands at the forefront of delivering exceptional steel solutions tailored to the diverse needs of big and small projects.

Our repertoire extends into specialised products like expanded metals and walkway mesh.

Understanding Expanded Metals

Expanded metal is a versatile material known for its unique mesh design. Expanded metals are lightweight and structurally sound, created through a meticulous process that slices and stretches metal sheets without material loss.

They serve various purposes, from reinforcing concrete to facilitating airflow and light penetration in architectural designs.


Expanding metal sheets increases their strength relative to their weight significantly, offering a high-efficiency solution across multiple domains.

Expanded Metals at Baldwins Metal Land

Flatex Stock Sheets (Unpainted)

Flatex expanded metal is noted for its precise and uniform diamond-shaped openings.

Flatex sheets are versatile, providing strength and security while allowing for ventilation and light passage. Ideal for architectural facades, security screens, and filtration systems, Flatex sheets combine aesthetic appeal with practical functionality.

Specifications for Flatex Expanded Metals:

  • Size: All Flatex stock sheets are 2400 x 1200mm, ensuring consistency across various designs.
  • Material: Constructed from durable steel, these unpainted sheets offer a raw, industrial aesthetic that can be customised according to project requirements.

Selected Items and Weights:

  • Flatex 338/6311F: 50/80/4/2.4mm, Weight: 7.11kg
  • Flatex 334/6320C: 30/55/2.6/1.5mm, Weight: 5.39kg
  • We also offer additional specifications, reflecting the diversity in thickness, width, and weight.

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The Versatility and Uses of Walkway Mesh

Walkway mesh epitomises safety and durability. Designed to ensure secure footing in even the most challenging conditions, it features a robust, non-slip surface ideal for industrial platforms, stairways, and catwalks.

Beyond its primary function of providing a safe passage, this mesh excels in areas requiring superior drainage, making it invaluable in environments prone to wetness or oil spills.


Thanks to its effective slip-resistant properties, incorporating walkway mesh in industrial settings significantly reduces accidents.

Walkway Mesh at Baldwins Metal Land

Mentex Stock Sheets (Unpainted)

Mentex walkway mesh is distinguished by its raised surface, offering enhanced grip and safety. Merntex welded mesh and walkway grating are excellent choices for industrial walkways, platforms, and stair treads where slip resistance is paramount.

Like Flatex, Mentex sheets are also 2400 x 1200mm in size, ensuring uniformity for ease of installation.

Specifications for Mentex Walkway Mesh:

  • Size: Consistent sizing at 2400 x 1200mm allows straightforward integration into various project designs.
  • Material: These sheets are made from high-quality steel, unpainted to cater to clients looking for a natural metal finish or planning to customise the coating themselves.

Selected Items and Weights:

  • Mentex 118/315F: 16/30/2.5/1.5mm, Weight: 7.40kg
  • Mentex 300/310E: 50/80/2.6/2.9mm, Weight: 5.96kg
  • Additional specifications of these and other models highlight variations in the design and weight, accommodating a wide range of applications.

Baldwins Metal Land 2024 Pricelist

Advantages of Using Expanded Metals and Walkway Mesh in Your Projects

Choosing expanded metals and walkway mesh brings a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Durability and Strength: These materials are built to last, ensuring long-term performance and minimal maintenance.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The inherent longevity and low upkeep reduce expenses related to replacements and repairs.
  • Design Flexibility: With their unique textures and patterns, these materials offer creative freedom in both functional and aesthetic applications.
  • Enhanced Safety: Particularly with walkway mesh, the risk of slips and falls is decreased, promoting a safer working environment.

Making the Right Choice for Your Steel Needs

At Baldwins Metal Land, our dedication to delivering superior steel products matches our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Expanded metals and walkway mesh represent just a fraction of Baldwins Metal Land’s offerings. Whether you’re embarking on a large-scale construction project or a detailed architectural design, our products stand ready to exceed your expectations.

Choose Baldwins Metal Land for steel solutions that will elevate your projects. Together, let’s build a legacy of excellence that lasts generations.

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